“An American Pickle”

“An American Pickle” is a new film exclusively on HBO Max which was directed by Brandon Trost and stars Seth Rogen in dual roles. The film is a fish out of water comedy about an immigrant named Hershel Greenbaum who fell into a vat of pickle brine in 1919 America and time travels 100 yearsContinue reading ““An American Pickle””


“Scoob!” was directed by Tony Cervone and stars Will Forte, Mark Wahlberg, and Frank Welker as the title character. It is an attempt to bring the classic Mystery Inc. team to the big screen, focusing on Scooby and Shaggy’s adventure with a superhero by the name of Blue Falcon. I’ll start with the positives, whichContinue reading ““Scoob!””

“JOKER” Review

“Joker” was directed by Todd Phillips and stars Joaquin Phoenix, and it takes place in 1981 in Gotham City. Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a man disregarded by society who works as a clown-for-hire by day and at night pursues his dream of being a standup comedian. The movie explores his evolution into the Joker. IContinue reading ““JOKER” Review”