“Space Jam: A New Legacy” – A 2 Hour WB Ad

Space Jam Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.’ “Space Jam: A New Legacy” is a new 2-hour-long Warner Bros. commercial written & directed by Warner Bros. executives. The film follows Basketball Man on a journey to discover all the Warner Bros. properties. Warner Bros.’ newest movie is available in theaters and on Warner Bros.’ streaming platform HBO Max, where you can watch Warner Bros. characters in Warner Bros. movies & Warner Bros. series from the great people at Warner Bros.

Warner Bros Space Jam

The original “Space Jam,” did a good job of not pushing product placement down your throat in a way that was too obnoxious. Also, upon rewatch, I found that the filmmakers really did their best to make a fun family film despite the ridiculous premise. While the original is not great cinema and doesn’t hold up very well, it’s still a somewhat entertaining movie with a lot of fun Looney Tunes moments and Michael Jordan in his prime. In contrast, the sequel is ten times more corporate and ten times more obvious to the point of hilarity. That aspect alone almost makes “Space Jam: A New Legacy” worth a watch. At one point, the film goes as far to call Warner Bros. the studio behind “all the classics.”

Warner Bros

Anyway, the “premise” of the “film” is that LeBron James and his son are transported into Warner Bros.’ “Serververse,” which is essentially a collection of all the different WB properties, and an excuse to advertise HBO Max. LeBron has to save his son by winning a basketball game, and he needs a team of WB characters to do it. A rational person would think that LeBron would immediately go for Superman, but instead, because he meets Bugs Bunny, he only acquires Looney Tunes characters despite his son’s life being in danger. The entire movie makes no sense.

Warner Bros

Something strange about the film’s usage of the Serververse was that, by using nearly all of WB’s characters, a lot of adult characters/movies were referenced in this PG-rated children’s film. The Looney Tunes & Scooby Doo are in the same movie as Alex from “A Clockwork Orange” and Pennywise from “It.” Young children, this film’s target audience, are obviously not going to understand many of these references.

Warner Bros

There are thousands upon thousands of things about “Space Jam: A New Legacy” that I can nitpick, but honestly, who’s surprised that this film is so bad?I can’t even grade it because it’s not a real movie. If you’re hanging out with friends and feel cynical, you can watch this film to make fun of all the corporatism inside of it, but otherwise, don’t see it.

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